Round-Bottom Tanks


Round Bottom Mud Tank

ETC’s round-bottom mud tanks are built according to a rigorous standard, fully inspected and tested to ensure that every single weld, brake light and coat of paint functions flawlessly.

All ETC products are designed and built specifically to meet our customers’ requirements in our state-of-the-art facility, with complete in-house fabrication, blasting and painting departments. Complete control of the manufacturing ensures the highest quality and consistency.

Features & Specifications

  • Round-bottom floor with external bracing
  • 6” mixing line with five mixing/stirring nozzles spread throughout the tank
  • Stair and walkway assembly with folding hand rails
  • 22,500-lb axle
  • 11R-22.5” radial tires
  • 8” external manifold with 8” hammer unions OR
  • 6” external manifold with 6” hammer unions
  • One 4” rear drain with butterfly valve and remote handle
  • Two 22” manways—one front and one side