Lightweight Vacuum Transport


Lightweight Vacuum Trailer

The 140-bbl lightweight transport (14,600 lb) has the same great look of our 130-bbl standard transport with more capacity and lightweight trim.

Standard features include air ride suspension, two-speed crank landing legs and ASTM A36 316” sub-arced steel barrel that is fully gusseted and padded to withstand the rigors of both on and off road.

To keep the weight of the transport low, ETC offers a standard side entry ladder to the center manway, full width aluminum hose troughs and aluminum rear fenders/closures. The long wedge sump offers room for 4” and 6” loading lines, giving you all the flexibility you need to handle a variety of fluids.

These new lightweight vacuum transports are built according to the same rigorous standard, are fully inspected and tested to ensure that every weld, brake light and coat of paint is top quality.

A full quality-control team ensures the highest quality and consistency, providing the end user a low-maintenance, long-term asset.

Our equipment is built to provide you with a long-term investment while meeting DOT and OSHA safety standards.

No request is too large or too small. Contact us today.

Features & Specifications

  • 140-bbl capacity
  • Barrels are sub-arc welded and tested to 25 psi
  • Two internal baffles made of flat plate and strapped to ensure full coating coverage
  • External 2.5″ strap supports
  • ASTM A36 3/16″ shell and baffles, 1⁄4″ heads
  • Heavy-duty, rectangular-tubing bumper
  • Lower/upper ladder to center manway
  • Adjustable kingpin plate
  • Three 20″ top manway
  • 12″ primary scrubber
  • 10-gal. aluminum secondary scrubber
  • Air-ride suspension
  • 11R-24.5″ chip-resistant radial tires with aluminum wheels (inner/outer)
  • Axle: round 25,000-lb with auto slack adjusters
  • Two 2″ sight-glass fittings at drivers’ side front and passenger side rear
  • Two-speed crank landing legs
  • Aluminum plumbing (where possible)2″ aluminum rear blow-down line
  • 21′ aluminum hose troughs with drains
  • DOT-approved LED lighting with custom fit, plug and go wiring harness
  • Driver’s side tool box with heavy duty lid and door chains mounted within a steel cradle
  • 15.0 psi pressure/vacuum reliefs