Kill Trailer


Kill Trailer

Kill trailers haul oilfield fluids to kill or control the flow of oil and gas wells. ETC’s 130-bbl kill trailers are the latest offering in the company’s product line.

Standard features include three-point suspension, split compartments and 14” ASTM A36, sub-arced steel barrel; each barrel is fully gusseted and padded to withstand the rigors of both on and off road.

ETC’s kill trailer features a crow’s nest with access to the two upper cam-lock manways. The wedge sump offers room for 4” and 6” loading lines, giving you all the flexibility you need to handle a variety of fluids.

These kill trailers are built according to ETC’s strict standard, fully inspected and tested to ensure that every weld and brake light meets or exceeds DOT and OSHA standards.

All ETC products are designed and built in-house, with a full quality-control team on hand to ensure the highest quality and consistency, providing customers a low-maintenance, long-term asset.

Features & Specifications

  • 130-bbl capacity: 50 bbl front/80 bbl rear
  • Barrels are sub-arc welded and tested to 20 psi design pressure
  • ASTM A36 steel, 14” heads and shell
  • Ultra-heavy-duty rear bumper
  • Adjustable kingpin plate
  • Two-speed crank landing legs
  • 3/4-length hose troughs with drains
  • Crow’s nest with handrails and ladder covering both manways
  • 2″ front and rear compartment sight glasses; one on both sides of crow’s nest
  • DOT-approved LED lighting with custom fit, plug and go wiring harness
  • 22,500-lb axle with auto slack adjusters
  • Dual tool boxes with heavy duty lids and door chains mounted within a steel cradle
  • 3.0 psi pressure/vacuum vents
  • One camlock manway for each compartment and one 22″ rear manway with wingnuts for cleanout
  • Two unloading points at rear of tank with 4″ butterfly valves
  • 4″ line from rear sump to front of trailer with three outlets: one to driver’s side, one to passenger’s side, and one out of bottom, forward stopping just behind landing leg area—all with butterfly valves
  • 4″ dump from front compartment, connected to rear belly lines
  • Ridged pipe racks to hold 2″ × 10′ pipe
  • Three-point, eight-leaf suspension
  • 11R-24.5” chip-resistant radial tires