Cold-Weather Mud Tank


PCI Cold Weather Mud Tank

ETC’s cold-weather tanks are built for endurance. With double walls on five sides, these round-bottom tanks feature single-unit secondary containment.

This tank allows you to breathe easy knowing that any breach of the inner tank would be automatically contained, as mandated by most DEQ requirements. Fabricated with special, cold- weather steel, this unit performs, even in extreme sub-Artic temperatures.

Features & Specifications

  • 400-bbl capacity
  • Corrosion-resistant design
  • Custom-fit, plug-and-go wiring harness
  • Removable 6-piece top panels with stiffening ribs and 10″ W × 6″ H fork pockets for lifting points built from A36 steel
  • One 4″ gooseneck vent and one Betts 06-98 pressure vent
  • Half-length removable catwalk located on the passenger side of the tank with front and rear access ladders
  • Rear ladder to fixed platform at top of tank
  • 3″ gauge/thief hatch on upper passenger side of tank, plus two 6″ gooseneck vents with screens at interstitial space on one end
  • Standard rear bumper
  • 4″ low-point drain with remote handle
  • 11R-22.5″ radial tires
  • 25,000-lb axle
  • Double-wall, round-bottom floor with external bracing
  • 4′ weir wall at tank mid-point with a 22″ manway in the lower quarter of the wall for cleanout and access, all fabricated from A36 steel
  • 3″ front fill line (flanged) on upper passenger side of tank
  • 3″ low front drain
  • Inlet and outlet for 2″ steam lines
  • 2″ steam lines running 19″ vertical and 6″ horizontal off the floor throughout the tank
  • 2″ threaded inlet with cap flared to a vortex breaker and then to an 8″ × 20′ gas-buster with mild steel pipe supports mounted on low-temp bearing plates
  • 6″ penetration with 6″ gooseneck vent at front and rear fixed platforms at top of tank